Google Send Notification – Remove No Index from Robots.txt Files

Google is currently sending updates that you have to quit contingent upon your noindex in your robots.txt file.

As a significant aspect of Google completely expelling help for the noindex mandate in robots.txt file, Google is presently sending warnings to those that have such orders. At the beginning of today, numerous inside the SEO people group began getting notifications from Google Search Console with the headline “Remove “noindex” statements from the robots.txt.”

What it resembles. There are numerous screen captures of these social networking sites, yet here is one from Bill Hartzer on Twitter:

September 1, 2019. That is the date that you have to never again rely upon the noindex notice in your robots.txt file. It’s something Google reported not long ago and is currently conveying informing to help spread the news of this change.

Why we should mind, on the off chance that you get this notice, try to guarantee whatever you referenced in this noindex directive is upheld an alternate way. The major thing is to ensure that you are not utilizing the noindex directive in the robots.txt file. If you are, you will need to roll out the recommended improvements above before September 1. Additionally, I hope to check whether you are utilizing the nofollow or creep postpone directions and, assuming this is the case, expect to use the genuine upheld strategy for those directives going ahead.

What are the options? Google recorded the accompanying choices, the ones you likely ought to have been utilizing in any case:

  1. Noindex in robots meta tags: Supported both in HTML and in the HTTP reaction headers the noindex directive is the best method to expel URLs from the record when crawling is permitted.
  2. 404 and 410 HTTP status codes: Both status codes imply that the page does not exist, which will drop such URLs from Google’s list once they’re crawled and handled.
  3. Password security: Unless markup is utilized to show membership or paywalled content, concealing a page behind a login will usually expel it from Google’s list.
  4. Disallow in robots.txt: browsers can just list pages that they think about, so hindering the page from being crawled regularly implies its content won’t be recorded. While the web search tool may likewise file a URL dependent on links from different pages, without seeing the content itself, we mean to make such pages less shown in the long run.
  5. Search Console Remove URL tool: The tool is a brisk and straightforward strategy to expel a URL incidentally from Google’s search outcomes.
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