Google Rules for YouTube ads ‘Don’t go a Long Way’

Google introduced new Youtube ad rules to clean spammy content from sites and to resolve the ongoing issues related to brand safety.

Google update imposed a new rule on the type of videos that generate ad revenue, in addition to these, it introduces a new review method according to Google.

It also promised to provide better transparency and controls to the brands where their YouTube Ads will appear.

Google’s has started implementing this and is highly adopted by the advertising industry.

However, most of them think that it will not work beyond for a long time; for this to work out, Google has to invest more this year.

It created a matter of concern for the advertisers about the appearance of their YouTube Ads on the site. Youtube was trying to implement from its end but hit by a series of issues.

It is because of some involved influencers on the site such as Logan Paul who was removed from the site after filming a suicide victim video in Japan.

Also, restrictions to some videos and comments to children.

While implementing these, Youtube has gone through a list of updates for addressing the issues.

In the year 2017, many practices were deployed from the youtube side to protect the advertiser and other advertising partners from inappropriate content.

Moreover, looking for a fresh approach to advertising on Youtube. That is Youtube’s new way of advertising on Youtube.

Its first approach is to put a cap on channels which can run YouTube Ads and channels with more than 10,000 total views.

However, youtube stated that this was not reaching their intent.

In addition to these Youtube also started looking at a number of views, channel size, audience engagement and creator behaviour.

That means the channels who have 1,000 subscribers and 4,000 hours of video watch time within the last 12 hours are permissible for displaying YouTube Ads.

Further, Youtube added that it would also closely monitor signals which include community strikes, spam and abuse flags to adhere to the policies.

Any channels who violate the Youtube ad rules and issued with three strikes will no longer be able to run ads on Youtube; they will be removed from Youtube altogether.

Finally, Youtube introduced a three-tier suitability system which permits advertisers to decide the proper placements for their brands and helps in improving their brand safety.

Currently, it’s in the beta testing stage, it also partnered with Openslate, Comscore and Moat.

The channels which are preferred by Google can run ads only after they are manually reviewed, and verified videos are only eligible for displaying ads.

Google is practising lots of efforts in implementing the practices that adhere to the Youtube ad rules introduced in 2017 and stressing more on brand safety.

It helps the marketers to get the quality space for advertising on Youtube.

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