Google Makes it Easy To See Web Pages From Image Search Results

An update to Google Images makes it simpler for users to see the original website page that an image is highlighted on.

It will be useful to searchers and can possibly send more traffic to publishers.

Though, there’s a trick. With the end goal for pages to profit by this update, they should be coded in AMP HTML. That is because the feature depends on AMP to load a moment preview of a website page.

The feature is designated “Swipe to Visit” and was previewed at Google I/O before this year.

When choosing an image in Google Images ‘mobile search outcomes, a  glimpse of the site page header will show up at the base of the screen (gave it’s an AMP page).

Users can swipe up on the site page header to in a flash load the page in full. At the point when users have finished seeing the site page, they can basically swipe down to proceed with their image search.

Here’s a model: 

In a declaration, Google clarifies how it works: 

“Swipe to Visit utilizes AMP’s prerender capacity to demonstrate a preview of the page showed at the base of the screen. At the point when a user swipes up on the see, the website page is shown immediately, and the publisher gets an online visit.” 

Google says the speed and accommodation offered by Swipe to Visit makes it almost inevitable for users to visit a publisher’s site.

In case, site prior supports AMP; there’s nothing more you have to do to advance your pages for Swipe to Visit.

Traffic information from AMP in Google Images will be accessible in the Search Console in the coming weeks.

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