Google is on Track to Include Package Tracking to Search Results

Google is taking a shot at coordinating Package Tracking into search results, enabling users to get data without visiting the carrier’s site. 

Individuals will have the option to enter a tracking number into the Google search bar and discover the status of their request. 

“Individuals much of the time come to Google Search hoping to discover data on the status of their packages. To make it simpler to discover, we have made another Package Tracking component that empowers shipping firms to show individuals the status of their packages directly on Search.” 

While this element appears as though it could remove traffic from carrier’s websites, note that consideration is completely willful. That implies shipping firms need to opt-in so as to enable Google to surface their tracking details. 

Shipping firms are welcome to opt-in through an early adopters program. It’s accessible to all nations, so any shipping firm can join to be a piece of this feature. 

It will be interesting to perceive what number of shipping firms wind up getting included. I’d bet they’d be surrendering a lot of traffic if customers could get the data they need directly from the SERPs.

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