Google Introduces ‘Versatile Anchor Banner’ Ads to Better Serve to Diverse Screens 

Google is Introducing another banner advertisement type which can adjust to diverse screen size, to improve performance per advancing utilization practices. 

The new, ‘Versatile Anchor’ banner advertisement can be found in the last edge above, in contrast with the standard banner (on the left) and the smart banner(centre).

As clarified by Google:

“In contrast to other banner APIs available, versatile anchor banners think about the gadget being used, the advertisement width you’re open to utilizing, and the perspective proportions and execution of all accessible interest. Versatile anchor banners return creatives with the best height and aspect proportion for every gadget, with hard points of confinement to keep inappropriate sizes from being served.”

The new alternative, Google says, will imply that your banner advertisements look better, while additionally reducing the requirement for custom coding to deal with various gadgets.

The alternative is presently in beta and is accessible for tied down situations (banners locked to the top or base of the screen), with Google still employing on full execution. But, it might give another thought to your Google advertisement placement alternatives, more lined up with differing gadget usage. 

You can gain more knowledge about Google’s Versatile Anchor Banner advertisements here.

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