Google Including Some Structured Data To The Rich Result Reports In Search Console

Google is including three new kinds of organized data to the rich outcomes report in Search Console.

Search Console will currently write about the accompanying kinds of organized data: 

Product markup: Allows Google to show point by point product detail in search results. 

Sitelink search box markup: Allows Google to show a search bar that gives users a chance to look through a site’s content.

Unparsable sorts: This points to organized data that has been actualized erroneously. 

Presently, proprietors of online business sites can utilize the Search Console to effectively check if Google can peruse the majority of its product markup. 

What’s more, they can rapidly distinguish which sets of markup contain mistakes and start investigating right away. 

Google refers to that lone the capacity to provide details regarding these kinds of organized data is new. The issues being accounted for on might be new. 

These three sorts of markup join the following kinds that were at that point supported by the rich outcomes report:

  • Occasion 
  • FAQ 
  • Reality check 
  • How-to
  • Employment posting 
  • Logo 
  • Questions and answers page 
  • Recipe
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