Google Assistant Can Now Able To Read Messages From Outsider Messaging Applications Like WhatsApp

Google Assistant, accessible on Android gadgets, would now be able to read messages on outsider/third-party applications, including WhatsApp, and answer to them. By orally educating the Assistant to “read my messages”, a card springs up with the last instant messages, and the Assistant understands them so anyone might hear and recognizes the sender and the application they were sent on. Android Police previously revealed this advancement.

It has confirmed that the Assistant could read WhatsApp messages and answer to them whenever asked to. Android Police affirmed that this element worked for messages shared on Slack and Telegram also. Before this, Google Assistant could just read SMS messages and couldn’t get to a lot of approaching communication from other outsider applications. We have contacted Google for input and will refresh this story once they answer.

How the feature functions 

Stage 1. To empower the feature, we needed to initially permit Assistant the authorization to read all warnings, including contact names and the content of messages.

Stage 2. When we gave the consent, it demonstrated the most recent WhatsApp message after we said the expression “read my messages”. It is the thing that Google Assistant said for the accompanying message: “Message from Soumyarendra Barik MN on WhatsApp. Testing SMS.”

Stage 3. The card that sprung up with the message also enabled us to answer to the content then and there, which we could do utilizing our voice. (NB: Please disregard our official exchange.)

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