Google announces Google Pay Business App, a Spot Platform for the upliftment of Offline Retail Play

  •  Google Pay Business utilizes video KYCs to invite retailers for UPI payments
  • Spot platform would encourage retailers to come online via building a virtual store.
  • Spot codes are shown in retail packaging & partner stores.

Today at ‘Google For India’ event, the tech Mughal announced its latest product Google Pay for Business app. The app would be convenient for retailers to receive digital payments trend. At the same time, Google also a Spot platform powered by Google Pay which would help retail stores and other outlets build an online store by making use of Google pay APIs.

Google Pay Business revives easy access to the retailers to join the UPI payment platform via video KYC and instant verification by Google Duo.

The retailers would be able to trace their income, history of payments, as well as realize their growth of the business.

The Spot platform would enable the retailers by building a virtual online store using Google Pay APIs. Stores are capable of receiving digital payments via Google Pay utilizing the Spot platform and would also help the customers pick up purchases later. In a Spot Store, customers would be able to choose and pick from a wide variety of products, just like an e-commerce website.

These Spot Stores would be available in Google Pay, and business can design, develop and host it all according to themselves. Spot Store will act as virtual existences of the business firms.

The best thing about Spot Store is, from the customer’s perspective is that there is no third-party app required for downloads.

Spots codes will be like any other QR codes but with more loud colour pattern. Spot codes support NFC so that customers could quickly scan Spot codes and order or pay, return for pickups, all without opening the Google Pay app physically.

Far more, the Spot Codes are free to be added by retail partners. While packaging to boost growth, customer experience and create a strong bond with the minds of the customers.

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