Google ads smart bidding

Smart bidding will now take foot traffic and online conversions into account.

The advertisers who have their measurement of store visits in their Google Ad Account can merge their store visit data into their strategies of quick visits.

Why is it necessary.This current update will enable physically located stores to optimize foot traffic side by side with smart bidding online conversions. Smart bidding strategies make use of machine learning while predicting a conversion action or altering the time of auction.

Search & Shopping.Now all the advertisers in Search & Shopping campaigns would be capable of store visits while smart bidding.

How to do it.The advertisers can merge their store visits conversions into smart bidding in Google Ad account. But, many advertisers would like to test it on campaign level at first.

This new conversion at campaign-level would be available now in Search campaigns. And if you want this your Shopping Campaigns than you should be looking at your Google Ads report.


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