Future Smartphones may Come Without any Buttons Applying Ultrasonic Touch Technology

Future Smartphones may Come Without any buttons Applying Ultrasonic Touch Technology. 

Aside from the size of the screen, there is a greater improvement in the display section of the coming cell phones. The new cell phones may accompany with no buttons. 


  • Future cell phones could incorporate a pressure-sensitive screen rather than a contact screen. 
  • The California-based startup, Sentons custom chip conveys the sound waves and contains a processor and algorithms for knowing different signals. 
  • Sentons is dealing with more components utilizing ultrasonic touch technology. 

Phone makers are in an extraordinary challenge to concoct helpful specs and highlights in their most recent smartphones. While some of them centre around the vibes of a telephone, others go for better cameras. But, one key component in a phone which value spending amount is the display. For an edge-to-edge survey understanding, smartphone brands attempt to structure the telephone’s body in a moderate manner. This new situation is the reason for further advances, and one of them brings about virtual buttons. 

Sentons, a startup in the USA, started marketing a technology that expects to get rid of devices buttons. The organization says that it is as of now working with two cell phone creators besides an already signed agreement with Asus Computer Inc. 

Driven by Jess Lee, an architect who offered his past organization to Apple Inc, Sentons reported a sensor system that utilizations ultrasonic sound waves to distinguish touches, presses and swipes on different materials, for example, the metal edges around a smartphone. 

In a meeting with Reuters, Lee stated: “Touch screens are incredible, however (telephone makers) hadn’t had the option to make sense of how to add intelligence to the sides.” 

Whereas this bit isn’t something new to us as we have just observed this innovation on Asus Rog II telephone where the sensors enable gamers to hold the phone on a level plane and tap Air Triggers along its top edge as virtual buttons with their index fingers while their thumbs tap the screen. 

Lee additionally included: “With the slender and slender structure elements, maybe even all-glass or with astounding metallic edges that are incredibly slight, there’s no space for buttons.” 

To our knowledge, a smartphone without buttons will most probably attract the attention of the mobile phone users, and on the other side, it’s challenging for the marketers simultaneously. So, how Sentons is going to get it going? It is work of a custom chip that conveys the sound waves and contains a processor and algorithms for knowing different signals.

California-put together Sentons is additionally working concerning a virtual jog wheel which enables consumers to look through applications on telephones for one-hand use. Another component of the organization’s innovation is a virtual shutter key to centre a telephone’s camera, like how a physical screen key deals with devoted digital cameras, Lee said. 

Other than cell phones, Lee said the organization wants to add touch interactions to gadgets where screen space is either very constrained, for example, the frames of smart glasses or the groups of digital watches, or where there are no screens completely, similar to the steering wheels of cars.

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