Frankly empowers the arena of First-Party Data

Frankly Media, a multipurpose arena of digital management, publishing and monetization has joined hands with Newsweek and signed an agreement on expanding its first-party data network via multi-year service deal. 

Frankly will have the power on more than 100 million monthly active users over its network of over 1,200 digital news, broadcast and information ownership throughout the United States, which includes native mobile, connected television apps as well as web.

As Frankly is already super flexible with its first-party data sourced platform, now it offers an exclusive solution to the brands and marketers to reach the audience segments.

Frankly even present a substitute to the world’s largest data aggregators like Google, Facebook and Amazon, who together collects 80% ($129 billion) or more in the US digital advertising spendings.

Frankly’s multiscreen engaging sphere is an important channel to filter the first-party data. The unwired network is a important origin of gaining actionable insights. This current credit comes from several factors, and Frankly continues to enrich its first-party data records and segment audiences. They are altogether earning higher lifetime values of each entity for Frankly and its users. As a result, marketers and advertisers would receive first-party data instead of third-party sources which would be risky with pending regulations.

Frankly gathers first-party data from several sources over its engagement platform, including over-the-top (OTT) video, contesting, newsletters, registration workflows, native mobile and connected TV apps. These are invariably synthesizing this data with additional insights gaining across its network of sites to offer more specific audience segments with high performing yield.

Lou Schwartz, the CEO of Frankly, has said that “At present, the data that companies gather is increasing very rapidly. Therefore it becomes challenging to interpret and make good use of it. The largest aggregators in the United States bring about more than $200 revenue per year for every first-party from whom they gather data. By 2021, our goal is to index 100 million first-party data records on our audience network and create personalized products for targeted advertising which will be ‘marketing accessible’ to all digital businesses.”

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