Facebook plans to take away the “Group Stories” feature from September 26

Just after the announcement of their latest feature of the ‘Collaborative Stories’ for celebrities and influencers, Facebook has also come up with the dismissal of ‘Group stories’ function. The Group stories feature to let the group members update a single story within the group via multiple group members.

Facebook has not given much time, and they’ve said that, “On September 26, we will be dismissing the group stories feature. Hence, after that, the user won’t be able to update their group stories, and their previous group stories will be deleted. Admins, as well as group members, can update their stories from their personal profiles or post directly in the group to share the happening of their life”.

Facebook has launched the first edition of Facebook stories on November 2017, which was before the extended feature on groups this December. Hence the Group stories proved to be very engaging, but it increased the works of the admins. In October 2018, Facebook added a new function, thereby empowering the admins to restrain the group members from contributing to the stories with unrelated content. Facebook also have had given the power of deleting to reporting a photo/video story to the group admins, if it occurs to be inappropriate.

Since Facebook has decided to remove the feature, likely, it would not have served the purpose of the feature.

Facebook assures that the archived Group stories will be available for viewing, but it will be unavailable for resharing. The company has also confirmed that all the queued up scheduled stories would be deleted after the 26th of this month.

From the past happening, you can also conclude that may be the stories feature is not as much impressive as Facebook claims to be from the last two years. But statistics say otherwise. It is only one feature where multiple people could add their contents, and it seems to be a big issue with moderations.

So, kiss a Goodbye to your Group Stories and plan a new engagement strategy.

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