Facebook Introduces New Brand Safety Tools for Creators, Advertisers and Publishers

The updates plan to assist advertisers with controlling the arrangement and setting in which their advertisements are delivered. 

Following rushes of analysis for its political advertisement policies, Facebook has introduced another arrangement of tools intended to bring transparency and brand wellbeing to the forefront. These include: 

Simplifying access to controls. Presently, in Business Manager and Ads Manager, publicists will have the option to make blocklists, acquire delivery reports, and set ad space filters account-level, as opposed to applying it one campaign at a time.

Developed delivery reports. The more strong reports enable advertisers to search considering account ID or publisher without the need to download it. Facebook said in a short period; it will add content-level data to the delivery report. 

New brand safety associate. Relevant data firm Zefr is Facebook’s most up to date safety associate, joining close by the positions of DoubleVerify, Integral Ad Science, and OpenSlate to assist guarantee the brand safety controls and tools can keep on serving advertisers’ requirements. 

Dynamic content sets. Facebook is trying in-stream arrangements that utilization a content-level whitelisting tool for advertisers operating with Integral Zefr, Ad Science, and OpenSlate. This underlying test enables brands to routinely refresh and alter the recordings accessible to advertisers dependent on what acts best for the brand. 

Publisher white lists. The firm said it’s additionally trying white-lists for advertisers in the Audience Network and with in-stream ads, enabling advertisers to white-list certain publishers for advertisement position. Facebook said it intends to reveal the tool hopefully in the coming year.

Why we should mind, Facebook has created worry about its choice not to actuality check political ads also the content and news sources that will be highlighted in the targeted news segment it is testing. The new arrangement of brand safety tools is a try to provide advertisers added powers over where, how, and in what publisher inventory their advertisements may show up in-stream and Instant Articles on Facebook or using the Audience Network. These controls add to prior brand safety activities.

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