Facebook Following Twitter, Ranking Comments to Ensure the Time Spent on Facebook is the Quality Time

It’s not only the twitter who are learning from their experience from its app and making changes accordingly.

Facebook following the same principle to enhance their user experience and proving that the time spent on a Facebook post is the quality time they spent.

Last week, Facebook declared that they are working on the fact that- it would ranking comments on pages and profiles with a list of followers with a primary motto is to make the conversations more meaningful.

Facebook product manager, Justine Shen said in the feature declaration, “Ranking of Facebook comments helps to promote meaningful conversations by displaying the users with the posts and comments which are more relevant to them’.

Some of the facts Facebook considering to rank the Facebook comments are- number of reactions on the comment, comments to which post author has reacted to it, or comments made by the friends, relatives on the post.

In addition to these, Facebook extracting the details of the posts and comments from their previous interactions to find out which type of posts and comments will user are more interested in.

There are some factors which look vague called ‘integrity signals’, but it’s quite impressive, and it’s pronounced as a “ platform health” in Twitter terms.

This factor filter out the Facebook post which violates the rules, terms and conditions of the Facebook and it’s called ‘engagement bait ‘ according to Shen.

However, the post doesn’t clear the term engagement bait means, most probably it points to the use of machine learning technologies in identifying the abusive or combative language.

Furthermore, Shen closes his post with an endnote, ” We consider other signals too so that we do not notably display low- quality Facebook comments, even if the comment was made from the original Facebook post publisher.

However, this statement would not clear what sort of Facebook comments and audience come into this category. What if the Facebook comments come from some important person, is that also will get lost?

This new features will get implemented automatically for ‘pages for public figures’, Businesses and organizations as well as for selected individual profiles who have lots of followers.

This feature is also available to the other users in settings.

She also added, early in his declaration “we always focus on to ensure the time spent on a Facebook post is always the quality time”.

According to them, reducing the audience time and energy on one spends through combative comments is an effective way to handle that.

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