Facebook wonders of extending its AR/VR technology with CTRL-labs accretion

Andrew Bosworth, the VP of AR & VR of Facebook, has released a statement that the neural monitoring wristband company would shortly join Reality Labs team of Facebook.

Facebook has taken over CTRL-labs, a tech-based company which develops neural monitoring wristbands.

“They will soon be on board to start working with Facebook’s Reality Labs team. And we hope to create this kind of technology on huge quantity and transform it into a consumer product soon,” said Andrew Bosworth, the Vice President of Facebook’s AR and VR in his Facebook post.

As per Bosworth, the technology of the CTRL-labs can translate the signals of your hand muscles into digital signals, and you’ll be able to control your device without pressing a button or clicking a mouse. “The new tech will capture your intention and enable you to share an image with your friend without any actual movement.”

Why is it necessary?

Marketing teams that have already stepped into the arena of AR and VR branding opportunities, they realise the real value of those techniques. But still, Facebook has to come a long way to introduce integrating neural monitoring on its ad platform. To quote Bosworth, “Technology like this has the potential to open up new creative possibilities and reimagine 19th-century inventions in a 21st-century world”.

Now the question for marketers to understand how those technologies should be used or it should become more commercial. And how it can be used in connecting brands to their audiences?

Business organisations are at par in AR/VR technology. The ones who are capable of generating the maximum creative potential in which neural monitoring tech is likely to contribute in upcoming days. As Facebook’s massive share in the digital advertising market, collaborating such technology into the AR/VR ad ecosystem may not very far as we are apprehending. Thus utilising the company is gaining a competitive advantage to attract more tech-savvy advertisers.

More from the buzz

  • Thomas Reardon, the present CEO of CTRL-labs, is also the creator of the Internet Explorer project at Microsoft
  • Financial details about the accretion are not yet available. But, according to Bloomberg reports, Facebook has offered around $500 million to $1 billion to acquire the company.

In June 2019, CTRL-labs purchased “Myo armband” patents rights from North. The Chief Strategist of CTRL-labs told VentureBeat that the patents cover, “Applications aimed at electromyography (EMG) is the hardware which measures the changes in the electrical potential generated by brand-to-muscle impulses.”

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