Facebook attests on the dismissal of “Like” counts from its platform

The test was led by Instagram’s latest effort to clear away the “Like” option.

After a little testing on Instagram, Facebook is next on the list for dismissing the count of “like” options. And this experiment was first observed by an app researcher called Jane Manchun Wong.

“Right now the feature is not released yet, the count of like or reactions won’t be disclosed to anyone, as the way it is on Instagram,” said Wong. Further, he added that “The users will be allowed to view the reactions as well as the people who have reacted on it, only the count will be invisible.”

Later a facebook official gave an affirmation that the company is thinking about not disclosing the like counts at the moment and nothing more.

Why it should bother us

Social media are engrossing themselves more into delivering benefits than just being the mode of vanity and show-offs.

As per reports, Instagram was testing on the dismissal of its count of likes from April this year, and later they started experimenting in this feature seven countries. Even Youtube also affirms last week, that they had begun phasing out the accurate counts public-facing subscriber figures with more than 1000 followers.

Facebook is following the same chores as it had begun on Instagram, and it raises the probability of being implied in both the spheres. This strategy may have a very fair impact on branded posts on Facebook, but it will inevitably affect the brand-influencer relationship. Specifically, the brands will face a problem of how to come in terms while building a partnership with the influencers.

Therefore the influencers have to cater more and more unique content as they can not rely on their number of “Likes” anymore to lure the brands. Even the brands also need to invest more while selecting a potential influencer. As won’t be able to choose them based on their popularity and number of likes they receive on their posts.

More from the buzz

  • In conversation with TechCrunch Instagram had said that after testing the dismissal of the “Like” counts in Canada, they carried on removing the counts in other countries like New Zealand, Australia, Brazil, Italy and Ireland.
  • Earlier when Instagram has dismissed the feature of “Like” counts, the company clarified they were trying to find ways to reduce pressure on both the platforms.
  • A VP of a reputed influencer agency said that dismissing the feature of “Like” counts from the Facebook & Instagram will actually enhance the influencer agencies and will also add integrity and clarity to the industry.
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