Facebook benefits influencers with new ways to attract more audience

Collaborative Stories will allow multiple influencers to incorporate into a single Facebook Story.

On September 10, 2019, Facebook confirmed that they are experimenting on a few new features pertaining to celebrities and influencers on their network. Amidst the upcoming features,’ collaborative stories’ would help multiple celebrities update together in a single facebook story. Facebook is also working on other features to develop monetization options and bring out new engaging ways for creators to entertain their fans.

What ‘Collaborative Stories’ will offer?

Collaborative stories will ease out the work of influencers and celebrities wanting to reach their fans. The feature would help the celebrities as well as influencers to create an arena for more opportunities and boost up their target audience.

Several artists who were performing at the Tomorrowland music festival were given early access to this feature, and they found it overwhelming. The Chainsmokers, who happened to be a part that festival said that 92% of their Story view came from users who are not even following the band on Facebook.

Later Facebook confirmed that they are “exploring ways” to explore Collaborative stories to more celebrities in the next few months.

Multiple ways to engage more fans.Facebook would also release a brand new Fan Reply Stickers. A specially designed feature only for the page owners where they would be able to take the call to action on specific scenarios like asking the fans to reply with an image or video. And the reply from the fan could be re-shared to the Page Owner’s Story.

Fan Reply Stickers experimented on the NBA, AFROPUNK the band AC/DC. According to Facebook’s VP of Product Management Maria Smith and the company’s VP of Global Entertainment Partnerships Sibyl Goldman. “The NBA asked their fans to share images of how they are cheering the team and who they are supporting. “The response was huge when hundreds of fans updated their images & videos with their family member wearing team jerseys and displaying the memorabilia and team-related stickers,” said Smith.

Options to monetize more.The influencers already have the “swipe-up” option in the Facebook stories, which would make it easier to incorporate the link within the story or the products they want to promote.

Facebook has also given the nod to the idea of offering more ways to help them monetize their content to the maximum. Like tagging products into their images and videos on the Facebook Story itself.

Facebook is also very excited to cater its other feature known as ‘Checkout’ where the page owner will be able to tag the shoppable products on their Facebook story. “The users can easily tap on the tagged products and know more details about it, followed by the purchase all on facebook.

Earlier this year, a few of the limited brand groups on Instagram was made available to use this ‘check out’ feature. Later the company said that they were experimenting with the function for dynamic ads available in the Facebook newsfeed.

Bringing more influencers onboard in the newsfeed

Facebook is even experimenting with new features which bring more influencers in the News Feed on the grounds of a user’s activity. Like the celebrities and their content which they are already following on Facebook.

“This is a little experiment as of now,” informed Smith and Goldman. “We’re exploring several approaches to suggest people to both trending talent and familiar faces.”

Why is it necessary?

Facebook is planning to create a welcoming environment for influencers & celebrities by starting new features with monetization opportunities. Facebook could be in direct competition with YouTube in terms of being an influencer-friendly network.

Collaborative Stories and fan engagement tools will help influencers & celebrities increase their follower base. And in turn, they will find themselves at a prime position to secure the full advantage of Facebook’s monetization features.

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