Facebook announces Pixel’s exit may have affected conversion, Custom Audience & Dynamic Ads reports

This week if you have observed a steep fall in your Facebook conversion reports or you have witnessed unexpected fluctuations on your Custom Audiences or Dynamic Ads volume, then your not alone. Facebook is confirming with advertisers that Pixel, which would help to retarget audiences, has been unavailable. As a result, standard Pixel events were being prevented from logging in.

This problem started from September 16 and 17 when Facebook Pixel was unavailable for logging events for few advertisers and causing errors said Facebook. The problem created a lot of trouble related to data connected to Custom Audiences, Dynamic Ads volume and conversions.

Andrew Foxwell, the co-founder of social media advisory Foxwell Digital, updated a screenshot on Wednesday displaying the message he received from Facebook representative informing about the same.

Unsolved issues

As Facebook assures that everything would be in place but, Foxwell is not much sure about it.

“As per reports, things are falling back to its place, not completely yet,” he said on Thursday. “Presently we are working on it to see if the data can be recovered back into the reports”.

Foxwell even confirmed that he thinks the discontinuation has affected them more than Facebook’s mere listing on its message. Foxwell’s agency has observed a few reporting errors on its performance. Christian Lovrecich of Lovrecich Media, another advertiser, replied Foxwell’s tweet and confirmed that they had experienced a significant fall on performance reports across several accounts.

They have tried to reach Facebook for their inputs on this scenario. Even attempted to perceive a piece of information on how many advertisers have been affected by it. But, they haven’t got any response from them.

Why is it necessary?

Recently there has been a Reliability issue with Facebook’s Ads Manager, which has been a headache for many advertisers now. It is a well-known fact that advertisers have limited access to Facebook representatives. And if the marketer faces any trouble with any incorrect reporting or in case they are unable to access their campaigns, they have nothing to do.

If you saw substantial downturns in performance reported earlier this week, it may have been a result of the outage. Take note of the timing for your reporting purposes.

Earlier this week, if you witnessed a steep fall in the performance than the sole reason is a discontinuity of Pixel. And don’t forget to take note of your reporting uses.

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