Facebook announces automated lead generation for all advertisers

Facebook will release its latest automated lead generation feature for click-on Messenger ads. The first announcement made in May, the lead-gen now platform works with Facebook’s Messenger ads. The businesses can create an automated feedback system within Messenger. The system adds automated question and answers on experience gets registered via Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads on Facebook News Feed.

How does it work?

Whenever user clicks on the “Send Message” button; click-to-Messenger ad on the Facebook News Feed starts an automated chat within Facebook Messenger among business owner and customer.

More, Advertisers can also integrate their lead generation tool with CRM Database and can maintain interactions with all their customers via Business Account’s Facebook Page Inbox, or a third-party live chat or the Pages Manager app.

Why should users care?

As per recent customer survey led by Drift, an e-chat service provider and SurveyMonkey:

“Over 42% of polls got registered from people conveyed that people await a reply via an online chatbot in five seconds after sending a message.” 

Through the integration of an automated lead generation feature to CRM database into click-to-Messenger ads, brands can answer quickly to customer queries. Besides, a brand can streamline customer interactions on this platform.

Moreover, the Businesses which had early access to this automated Messenger lead-gen tool already experienced a moderate rise in qualified leads. A UK-based financial services company called RIFT Tax used this automated platform for a campaign and targeted Armed Forces members. This campaign shot a 42% rise in leads, along with 18% greater lead resolve rate through Messenger than that of phone interactions.

RIFT Tax stated 10-minute lesser lead response time. RIFT Tax Senior Paid Digital Performance Manager, Alicia Urunsak, said, “We’re setting ahead to add Facebook Messenger to our mix of channels. This addon can rise lead acquisition. We may further develop this as a communication channel entirely on the customer journey.” 

More news:

  • Facebook’s click-to-Messenger ads integration with Messenger’s automated lead generation tool developed to message in Facebook Ads Manager.
  • The new lead-gen tool can automatically send reminders to leads who did not answer the questions asked by customers.
  • The automated lead generation platform for Messenger released globally for all Facebook advertisers.
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