DoubleVerify Releases Authentic Performance® to Streamlines Data Analytics

Authentic Performance® can break down more than 50 data points on the presentation of an online advertisement and customer’s engagement with an online ad and device – in real-time. 

New York: DoubleVerify (“DV”), a software platform for online media estimation, data and examination, today reported the release of Authentic Performance®, the first-data solution in the market to give forecast data expected to drive battle execution – from the effect of an advertisement’s introduction to critical elements of purchaser engagement. Various DV clients, including international CPG brand Mondelez, currently are utilizing Authentic Performance in beta to assess and enhance the performance of their campaigns. 

Authentic Performance® can examine more than 50 data focuses on the introduction of a digital ad and customer’s engagement with a digital ad and gadget – in real-time. For an introduction, Authentic Performance® can assess an ad’s the whole introduction, measuring its power and unmistakable quality through measurements that incorporate distinguishable time, the share of the screen, video introduction, audibility, and more. For engagement, Authentic Performance® can examine essential user-started occasions that happen at the gadget or advertisement level, including user touches, screen direction, video playback, and audio control interactions. 

“Authentic Performance® addresses a brand’s problem in performance estimation and significance,” said Wayne Gattinella, CEO of DoubleVerify. “Current tools are either quick but simplistic – with measurements like visibility and click-through rate (CTR); or they’re modern but slow– with data revealed post-campaign. Authentic Performance® is intended to furnish predictive data that is related to digital advertising viability, in real-time– giving international brands transparency and trust in their digital investment.” 

As digital ad spend increments, Authentic Performance® can assist advertisers with boosting ROI and drive actual business results, pinpointing failing to meet expectations areas of an advertisement at the impression source and making it conceivable to anticipate the inclination of a campaign to perform. 

The release of Authentic Performance® expands on DV’s Authentic Impression®, a restrictive, MRC-certify metric that gives advertisers with an authoritative proportion of digital media quality and viability. The Authentic Impression® guarantees that a digital ad was conveyed in a brand-safe condition, completely visible, by a genuine individual and in the correct geology. As a characteristic advancement, Authentic Performance® overlays KPIs onto Authentic Impression® delivery, empowering brands to advance their digital systems in real-time.

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