Deteriorating performance affected the Salesforce clients

The Tech Mughal is working on the present issue, but it continues to provide regular updates. 

The Salesforce Technology team is presently investing in the issue which affected the number of salesforce clients in various instances. 

Why is it necessary? 

As reported by Salesforce Status site, few of their customers are unable to read and view files or attachments on the Salesforce systems. The files that were created after the occurrence of the incident will be unavailable at the moment. But it could be retained back as the Technology team would complete their resynchronization process for production hosting.

More from the Buzz

  • The number of Salesforce data centres which were impacted by the performance malfunctioning is eight.
  • Until Friday afternoon only five of them has been recovered via manual fixing. And the remaining three were still under the process of updation to make the files available to the users.
  • The affected users should visit the Salesforce website for more latest updates.
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