Contentstack Along with Commercetools; Streamlines Online Shopping Experience

Combine customers will approach an API-connector between the Contentstack and commercetools technologies and Contentstack.

Munich and San Francisco: Contentstack, the headless CMS pioneer and endeavour Content Experience Platform, and commercetools, an innovator in cutting-edge commerce software, today declared a key union to convey the eventual fate of online shopping experiences.

This association will offer an enterprise-class, cloud-local solution manufactured solely on microservices to give an ideal speed, agility, and adaptability for online shopping. Combine customers will approach an API-connector between the Commercetools and Contentstack technologies. Commerce team will have the option to effectively gather content, product and services, boosting customer engagement with negligible time and assets.

Both locally headless and cloud-based, the combination of commercetools and Contentstack technologies enables organizations to structure a shopping knowledge that goes over the gadget. Therefore, organizations can associate the touchpoints customers employ today and scale to the ones they use tomorrow.

“Content and commerce have a place together,” said Matthew Baier, COO at Contentstack. “Just when narrating and exchanges meet would we be able to discuss a genuine online shopping experience. Mobile commerce has just offered an approach to exchanges that occur on voice, chat or in increased and virtual realities. Our combine customers can connect the physical and digital worlds and enliven keen physical spaces and associated products, controlled by rich, content-driven business experiences.”

“All of our products created with a microservices outlook from the earliest stage,” clarified Kelly Goetsch, CPO at commercetools. “Alongside a headless way of thinking and cloud-first structure, we additionally share the confidence in a software-as-a-service model that provides customers with the advantage of moving updates. This association carries an answer for the table that limits framework, upkeep, cost, and unpredictability while driving exceptional nimbleness for our customers to separate with the shopping experience.”

“Our joint customers as of now leads the market with regards to digital experiences,” included Dirk Weckerlei, Worldwide Head of Associate Management at commercetools. “They will broaden that lead as these two contributions meet up.”

“Application program interfaces first biological systems are the eventual fate of digital business design,” said Pavel Veller, CTO, Digital Engagement Practice at Effective Programming for America (EPAM) Systems. “At EPAM, we assist our customers to reconsider their business through a digital lens. Working with combine customers of commercetools and Contentstack, we’ve seen that the two merchants not just empower and bolster a cutting edge headless, cloud-local and API-first engineering, but also share a customer-first mindset.”

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