Chartboost Launches Helium, an In-application Programmatic Bidding Solution

The Helium platform permits application developers to have a full view of the auction data with the goal that they can figure the genuine estimation of their users and run compelling user procurement. 

San Francisco: Chartboost, a mobile application monetization and marketing platform, is reporting the release of Helium. Helium’s SDK permits mobile application designers to build their ad incomes by directing an impartial first-cost bound together sale for every impression opportunity. Helium’s bound together sale gets real-time biddings from Facebook Audience Network, Tapjoy, AdColony also the Chartboost Exchange, which incorporates 20+ programmatic demand partners, for example, Morocco, Liftoff, OpenX, Criteo, Xandr, Rubicon Project, and more. Through these combinations, Helium right away furnishes engineers with access to a large number of premium promoting campaigns worldwide, expanding their yield and fill rate. 

The Helium platform permits application designers to have a full view of the auction information with the goal that they can compute the genuine worth of their users and run successful user obtaining. 

“Numerous mobile ad networks are taking as much time as is needed acclimating to a new programmatic future,” says David Pokress, EVP of Publishing at AdColony. “We’re eager to have Chartboost go along with us as another associate advocating reasonable sale conditions and top-notch inventory.” 

Traditional advertisement monetization stacks need asset concentrated and manual enhancements that depend on anticipated and historical eCPMs. As a rule, the majority of the current technologies don’t support running a genuine closeout for every impression. Advertisers who are interceded into lower cascade positions for monetization are not ready to seek all impressions, in spite of the way that there might be request with higher bids than what mediation layers can anticipate. Helium’s in-application bound together auction enables engineers to expand rivalry for their impressions by opening a various arrangement of purchasers who bid real-time CPMs. 

A significant quality of Helium is that it has an open-source vision: “As Chartboost we unequivocally have faith in open-source technologies. We are beginning an open-source sell-off server, however, later on, we’d like for the whole Helium’s foundation to be in the hands of the designer network,” says Sean Fannan, prime supporter and CTO of Chartboost

Clarity has consistently been a test throughout ad mediation technology. Data is typically combined, and application developers don’t have the view into significant signs that can assist you in deciding the genuine market worth of their inventory. The Helium dashboard gives application developers view to different sale measurements all through the transaction funnel. Chartboost grasps transparency and has constructed Helium on the premise of carrying more exceptional clarity and proficiency to the monetization stack, which is at present lacking in the marketplace. 

“Developers are requesting to have full access to their information, and Helium provides them with the most granular and straightforward analytics. We accept that putting an open, unbiased and customizable monetization tech stack responsibility of mobile application developers is a major step forward for our industry,” says Sean Fannan.

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