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Role of Mobile in Reaching Ads to the Consumers

OneOneDay, a Hong Kong-based advertisement tech startup, recently introduced the Oodies application in India which uses social causes as a bonus for users to watch adverts. Mobiles have turned into a driver of digital advertising, helping marketers contact their target group on mobile. Digital advertising today is increasingly refined, customised, and applicable. Customers invest more […]


Update on Programmatic Advertising: What’s new with in-app mobile programmatic advertising in the coming year.

What is the present condition of mobile programmatic advertising, and by what method will it likely advance in 2020? To address these inquiries, we checked on information on billions of exchanges that have happened on our exchange since the start of 2017, as a significant aspect of InMobi’s recently commenced 2019 Mobile Programmatic Advertising Trends […]


Blockchain in Advertising: The Impact for All Player in the System

The present digital advertising industry faces numerous difficulties, going from misrepresentation and absence of straightforwardness to old-fashioned instalment models. Such difficulties aren’t one of a kind to the marketing business. Various businesses, including money related administrations, are attempting to address these extremely same difficulties. That is one reason that features around blockchain innovation are so […]

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Twitter To Quit Offering Advertisers Access To Outsider Information Sources In One Year

The organization said it is moving to streamline how promoters use audience data and need to move the concentration to the Twitter Ads API. Twitter declared on Wednesday; it will expel outsider data sources from its ad platform in one year, as stated by the Wall Street Journal. “Twitter is streamlining how publicists use audience […]

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What Efforts Facebook Is Keeping To Target Ads Without Individual Data?

Another instrument at the social media network will supposedly enable promoters to make an option ‘lookalike’ audiences in a pivot away from explicit focusing in housing, work and credit advertisements. Facebook is telling promoters that it has another approach to recognize their optimal customer and target advertisements without depending on personal attributes that prompted maltreatment […]

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Is Personalisation A Powerful Advertising Methodology? 

Ad industry specialists share bits of knowledge on the significance of personalisation in advertisement campaigns. Personalisation in promoting furnishes shoppers with explicit content that interests them. The content is customized to the purchasers’ jumping at the chance to collect a high ROI. As of late, with publicizing technologies being advanced, personalisation has turned out to […]

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Google Assistant Can Now Able To Read Messages From Outsider Messaging Applications Like WhatsApp

Google Assistant, accessible on Android gadgets, would now be able to read messages on outsider/third-party applications, including WhatsApp, and answer to them. By orally educating the Assistant to “read my messages”, a card springs up with the last instant messages, and the Assistant understands them so anyone might hear and recognizes the sender and the […]

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Facebook Commences Including Its Brand Name To Some Screens On Instagram

The move comes as Facebook faces more noteworthy examination from controllers around the globe for more straightforwardness over information security practices. Facebook began adding its name to specific screens on its Instagram photograph sharing platform this week, one of the primary links it has offered users to its responsibility for the popular platform. This action […]

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Google Ad Manager, AdMob Include Support For App-ads.txt, To Begin Blocking Unapproved Promotion Serving For Publishers This Month. 

Application publishers will likewise observe notification of mistakes in their document usage.  New app-ads.txt tabs in the Google Ad Manager and AdMob interfaces will indicate mistakes and issues to address in publishers’ files.  Google Ad Manager and AdMob, Google’s mobile advertisement network, presently support app-ads.txt, the counter promotion misrepresentation protocol for application publishers. The organization […]

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ASCI Maintains complaints Against 132 Deceiving Ads

Mumbai: Advertising division watchdog on Monday said it maintained complaints against 132 ads in May this year, including those of Tang, iPhone XS, Tetley Green Tea, among others. The Advertising Standards Council of India (ASCI) analyzed complaints against 231 notices, of which 67 were speedily pulled back, an announcement said. ASCI’s free Consumer Complaints Council […]