User Data is New Currency for Marketers: By Gagan Uppal,Director of Strategic Partnerships at TechVantage

Recently at Advertising Week in New York 2019, data was at the forefront of almost every conversation, session and panel. Data has become a major priority for businesses of all sizes. Collecting User data allows you to store and analyze important information about your existing and potential customers. Collecting this information helps companies to build a database of customers for future marketing and retargeting efforts. … Read more

Uber, Aditya Birla, Philips and other brands are leveraging real-time weather data and technology to market effectively during the ongoing air pollution crisis.

The recent pollution crisis in India has put the country in dire straits, so much so, that the conundrum gained significant mileage in the government and in the media. To that effect, words like ‘pollution awareness’ and ‘cleaner air’ have become trending topics, and brands have been quick to capitalize on this. Brands have invested … Read more

Data Driven Approach- Revolutionizing Marketing: By Ankoor Dasguupta,VP-Brands&Special projects at SHEROES

Marketing without structured use of relevant data is like driving with eyes closed. Data enables the conviction of an informed marketing decision with the ability to even predict better. Without the proper use of data, everything is an opinion.  404M smartphone users, 560M internet users, 225M YouTube users, 69M homes with DTH and with the OTT … Read more

Impact of AI and ML in the marketing industry: By Ashutosh Sharotri,Head of Marketing

In the current context, AI has already emerged as the next big thing and has been adopted really well across healthcare, financial services, retail, automobiles, education and entertainments. This is just the beginning and the AI & ML ecosystem is going to evolve big time from here on in India, the latest report on why Indian … Read more