Campaigns That Feature Ads That Work In Real-time From A Customer Perspective For The Right Reason

The campaigns which can-  grab the attention of the audience, break the new ground, improves the interaction in the category with a clear focus to get campaign-able ideas.

Netflix: “So what are you watching?”

This question raises multiple stories from various set of people in varied situations.

The answer may be ”you”, “ICC world cup”, ” Chota Bheem”, “ whatever the kids/wife is watching” and similar other sets of reasons.

The Netflix campaign managed to show a list of shows and movies on Netflix India.

Every show will last not more than 20-30 minutes. It is really great to have one platform to see all the films in one place.

The strips which display on Star Sports while you’re watching the world cup match like  ‘what you are going to watch after this’ was really amazing.

Coca Cola- “Bhar Ke Rakho”

This campaign was built featuring a Paresh Rawal and Ranbir Kapoor with an idea to ride the ICC world cup fever.  

It just reminds the people for accompanying them during the match runs. A single dialogue with these two stars, “You had fours years to stock up” points on the lines of  “you had one job” that acts as wonders.

Cadbury Dairy Milk – “Kuch Achcha Ho Jaaye”

This video from last year points seamlessly on the points ” Generosity” and “Little acts of kindness”, in addition to this it also clicks the cricket box. 

This a type of campaign where you can’t recreate it to meet global idea. 

To this, the worldwide campaign launched in January 2018, taking the base point same as ‘Generosity’ (moving from ‘joy’) was expressed as  “There are glass and a half in everyone.” The primary motto behind these was the same to celebrate the “little acts of kindness”. It was presented through a wonderful film, ‘Mum’s Birthday’. 

Again, this campaign was featured in the India previous year with a young boy giving a piece of chocolate to his younger brother, anonymously answering his prayer. It was modified by keeping in mind the local Indian audience.


Spotify – “Sunte Ja”

The motto of the campaign is to encourage the audience to register the “Download App free” and “50 Million Songs” messages.

For this, they use the experience of celebrities Anil Kapoor and Ishan Khattar, who represents a broad spectrum, and so does the music ranging from slow to fast to super fast.

The reach of “ worst toss before a match?’ During the cricket season is right. That said,’ Sunte Ja’, provides scope for a much more.

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