Brands Drive On The Enthusiasm Of Friendship Day

From digitalized and social media campaigns to creative products, brands have gone right to celebrate Friendship Day.

With the world all outfitted to celebrate Friendship Day on Sunday, brands from throughout areas have investigated all choices and concocted digital films, supports and campaigns for the day.

We take a sneak look at some captivating Friendship Day Campaigns.

SBI Life Insurance

With Friendship Day around the bend, SBI Life Insurance greeted its industry mates #FriendshipDay ahead of time, soliciting them to join their journey of #MainSeHum.

Confirming the business’ typical dream for a well-secured and protected India, SBI Life Insurance sent Friendship Day messages on Twitter to life safety net providers the nation over, setting off a chain of positive discussions from its companions in the protection space and other social networking sites users. SBI Life protection was one of the principal names that commenced the Friendship Day campaign this year.

Much obliged for the desires, @SBILife. Aisi dosti ho, toh samjho poore India ke #LifeGoalsDone. Happy #FriendshipDay ahead of time!


Honour has commenced a campaign called #FriendshipZaraHatke. With the help of computerized clips, the online networking effort targets grasping unpredictable companionships. Honour has encouraged the audience to praise the friendship that is ‘zara hatke’ and doesn’t fit into the nonexclusive understanding.


On this Friendship Day, Snapchat has discovered its first-since forever worldwide campaign. The online campaign demonstrates how many sets of loved ones around the globe utilize social media networking application to stay in contact.

Gem Selections

Gem Selections has praised the obligation of kinship with its campaign #GemOfAFriend. It has commenced a unique Friendship Day wristband. The brand is additionally running seven days in length campaign #GemOfAFriend, in which three fortunate champs would get the wristband by sharing a video story on how their companion is a Gem.

Pixel Fox Studios

Pixel Fox has discovered structures, featuring components of their cuisine – like the three oriental sauces for Wing-A-Beer menu for Hard Rock Cafe, All Stir Fry, and the kinds of various gelatos – implying the shifted characters of companions. They have likewise thought of a typographic GIF for Pizza By The Bay, returning the wistfulness of past times and the numerous encounters by the bay. For Softweave towels, they have played on the part of the towels being eco-friendly.

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