Bingbot goes everlasting

Bing will embrace the Chromium-based Edge browser to run JavaScript and return web pages.

Bingbot will be everlasting as Bing embraces the Chromium-based Edge browser to return pages and run JavaScript, Microsoft declared on Wednesday.

Why we should mind

Since the new, everlasting Bingbot is dependent on the Chromium-based platform— a similar platform as Google’s Chrome browser and Googlebot — Developers and SEOs ought to have a simpler time making their pages crawled by both portals without exploring or investigate for every specific crawler.

More on the declaration

  • Bing’s progress to Edge will be going to happen throughout the following couple of months.
  • The organization may change Bingbot’s user agent to permit rendering on certain websites.
  • The subsequent version of Microsoft Edge will embrace the Chromium open-source project. 

Microsoft reported its purpose to add to the Chromium open-source project and coordinate it into the desktop version of its Edge browser in December 2018.

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