Media channels need to marry the marketing objectives from the technology perspective:Gagan Uppal,Director of strategic partnerships at TheTechVantage.#MartechMonday


1. Which are the best MarTech tools that you can suggest for a business? When we talk about MarTech tools, there are unlimited, Most probably it depends on the type of industry you’re employed in. We majorly focus on analysing the various tools to connect with the audience. As for as concerning to us, we … Read more

Marketing channels gives you a In depth analysis of your audience:Gourav Sharma, Co-Founder at Crazy media labs.#MartechMonday

Gourav Sharma,Co Founder at Crazy labs media

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business? There are a lot of tools, and those tools depend upon industry to industry and category to category. If I talk about digital category, we majorly depends upon a lot of analytical tools, the tools starts for analyzing the audience which come and serves … Read more

Martech will be severely underleveraged if left in the hands of Marketing folks alone! :Vani Gupta Dandia, Founder&CEO at CherryPeachPlum Growth Partners.#MartechMonday

Interview with Vani Gupta Dandia

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business? There are several – too many in fact. But in my view, tools that help acquire a 360-degree view of the customer will be very helpful. Hence CRM software and tools will become increasingly important. Similarly, so for social media marketing tools. … Read more

Marketing automation enables you to Identify Customer Personas:Sanjay Mehta, Joint CEO at Mirum India.#MartechMonday

Sanjay Mehta,CEO at mirum

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business? Martech is becoming an increasingly growing space, and now covers a variety of facets of the marketing journey. At it’s core though, the key components of a solution include:  Data collection Creating an actionable view Decision Engine Channel activation, and Performance measurement These … Read more

TikTok’s new SDK Empowers Video Uploads from Diverse Applications, Services

TikTok’s new SDK

Users can use  “Share to TikTok” from the drafting board of their prefered applications that accept the SDK. TikTok launched it’s for the first time software-development kit (SDK) on Monday, which will enable clients to upload video content to the TikTok platform through third-party applications. Relevantly titled the “Share to TikTok” SDK, it’s the first … Read more

An Integrated marketing strategy works better than a fragmented one:Ram Jalan, Marketing and Technology Expert.#MartechMonday

Martech Interview with Ram Jalan, CMO at Omaxe Ltd

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business? At present, there are more than 5000 different marketing technologies that can be used to automate different stages of marketing: Customer Relation – Microsoft Dynamics, SalesForce, Hubspot, Lead Squared, ZOHO Social Media/Social Listening Tools – Hootsuite, SproutSocial, Buffer and if you have … Read more

AI and ML has made a powerful impact on User Experience: Aakash Chakravarty,Co-Founder at Oximobi media.#MartechMonday

Martech Interview with Co founder at OxiMobi Media- Aakash Chakravarty

1.What Impact do you think will AI & Machine learning will bring to the Marketing Industry? AI and Machine Learning have become an Integral Part of Digital Marketing. Ai and ML has made a powerful impact on User Experience. One of the reason Ai is being accepted by more and more marketers in the recent … Read more

Twitter in Association with UNESCO Publishes New Media and Information Literacy Guide

Twitter with UNESCO

Among the different concerns identified with the spread of false news on the web, and the control of users through misdirecting, inclined and sensationalized content, a critical component that unmistakably should be tended to is digital education, and better-preparing users to reality check the things they share before they do as such. But that is … Read more

Adopting Martech into business is like having a weapon at your disposal:Andesh Bhatti, CEO at Collectcent Digital media.#MartechMonday

Andesh Bhatti,Founder of Collectcent digital media

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business? There is no denying the fact that Martech tools are of great help to run the business faster. But ultimately it all depends on the team to use it effectively. The data and analytics drawn from these tools will be of greater … Read more