App Annie acquires a mobile advertising analytics provider called “Libring”

The association will let mobile marketers collect insights from market data analytics and mobile ad analytics from App Annie. App Annie, mobile market data and analytics provider company is all set to acquire ‘Libring’. Libring is a mobile advertising analytics company. App Annie confirms that it will make the brands or the publishers to have … Read more

The 2019 State of Email Marketing Report discloses the mutual connection of Revenue growth with Email efficiency

Validity, the most trusted brand in data quality since last year has joined hands with global marketing research and advisory firm called Demand metric to release a report on The 2019 State of Email Marketing. On the basis of research carried on B2B, B2C, and other nonprofit marketing organizations, current year’s outcomes reflect that email … Read more

LinkedIn releases a New Guide on Objective-Based Advertising

Last year when it was launched, LinkedIn released its Objective-Based Advertising features for more regions. Just like Facebook’s ad function, the objective-based approach counsels the decisions of the advertiser. It works by letting them choose their supreme objective first for their campaigns. After that, when you have set up a goal, LinkedIn’s system focuses the … Read more

Google’s new snippet settings empowers webmasters to exercise their wishes on the search listings display

Google introduces max-snippet, max-video-preview, max-image-preview and more to their nosnippet snippet settings. Google has launched its brand new snippet settings. The new feature will let the webmaster control the Google search, which displays your listings as they wrote on their Webmaster blog. The new setting will work via a set of robots meta tags and an … Read more

Reddit released new mobile landing pages, standard sizes and optional referral URLs for video ads

With new standard sizes, advertisers will be capable of reusing the content from other platforms. On Wednesday, Reddit introduced three new video ad updates after launching their new mobile landing pages. These landing pages will help advertisers to add two more aspect ratios for ad sizes plus the optional referral URLs for CPV (cost per … Read more

94% of the Marketers realize the need for Personalization in Customer Engagement affirms Reflektion

Reflektion, an AI-powered Personalization sphere of the retail industry, has released a statement of their findings from their Survey of ‘Reflektion e-commerce Personalization Industry 2019’ commissioned by WBR Insights (one of the top research firms in the retail market). On the basis of insights from the marketing & digital commerce giants the confines of IR500 … Read more

Twitter releases ‘Lists’ as an alternative of Swipeable Timelines on iOS

After the first experiment in June, now Twitter announces to provide an alternative of swipeable tweet feeds with lists on iOS. On our list? Make lists even better for you! ✅ Now on iOS, you can pin up to five lists, rearrange them, and swipe to access from home. — Twitter (@Twitter) September 23, … Read more

Snapchat expands video ads to 3 minutes, introduces new features and Goal-Based Bidding

Now advertisers will be able to optimize their 15-second video views with the new feature of bidding. Snapchat has released multiple updates about the video advertisers, which includes the increased duration of all Snap Ads. And more interactive options are six-second non-skip ads and Goal-Based Bidding. Snap Ads will run for three minutes. Earlier, the … Read more

Pinterest introduces ‘Shop the Look collections’ for brands to promote multiple items in a single mobile ad

Now advertisers are capable of displaying a maximum of four products in their new ad format. On Monday, Pinterest released the news of soon to be launching “Shop the Look ads” especially for mobile advertising though the ads will not come out in the U.S over a couple of months. Pinterest is also working on … Read more