App Annie acquires a mobile advertising analytics provider called “Libring”

The association will let mobile marketers collect insights from market data analytics and mobile ad analytics from App Annie.

App Annie, mobile market data and analytics provider company is all set to acquire ‘Libring’. Libring is a mobile advertising analytics company. App Annie confirms that it will make the brands or the publishers to have an insight into market data as well as advertising analytics.

Why is it necessary?

One of the significant aspects behind the success of many businesses today is Mobile engagement & execution.

It is projected that by 2022, mobile ad expenditure would be $375 billion around the globe. And marketers would be thrilled to see their organization’s ROI showing on the analytics.

By making this data more easily accessible to marketers, publishers and brands, App Annie users should be able to gain visibility into key metrics they need to.

The publishers, brands, marketers would be easily able to access the data. And the users of App Annie would be able to have the insights from all the metrics they want to.

As per the company, users will have a better understanding of the customer acquisition costs, return on ad spend or the lifetime value.

“The most successful companies find a way to capitalize on mobile, yet they have been struggling to maximize its value to their business,” said Ted Krantz, CEO of App Annie.

“Today, this requires custom work to stitch together multiple point solutions, spreadsheets, business intelligence teams, agencies and consultants. We are committed to solve this by applying data science and machine learning to automate these composite metrics for brands and publishers.”

More from the Buzz

  • App Annie Labs was launched in November 2018 to increase product development.
  • On the first quarter of this year, the company introduced its new platform Mobile Web. This platform helps in providing insights on ‘mobile customer journeys’.
  • In March 2019, App Annie has also claimed to have an annual recurring revenue which has surpassed $100 million.
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