Ampersand Release Way-Out to Streamline Advanced TV Purchasing

Ampersand, the sales consortium held by Comcast, Charter and Cox, needs to streamline advanced TV ad purchasing by sharing the divided ad space across networks and cable administrators over the United States. 

So it introduced the AND platform January 23 2020, a connection where ad purchasers can purchase, plan and measure advanced TV ad space over Ampersand’s 120 cable networks and 85 million households. That impression additionally incorporates 55% of US addressable homes. 

The AND platform interfaces with Ampersand’s data platform, which accommodates set-top box data from 40 million homes that purchasers can use to target national and local audiences.

Nicolle Pangis chief executive officer of Ampersand said the AND interface, joined with the data platform, enables TV advertisers to plan, purchase and measure based on the targeted audience that is commonly consigned to online advertisement purchasing. 

The AND platform already has 80 stored audience segments that cross linear, set-top box, video on request, associated and addressable TV ad space. So a promoter would now be able to purchase a similar audience throughout local, national, and regional geographies.

“Advertisers require extent over these pieces with an alike meaning of an audience,” Pangis said. 

AND’s, cross-channel estimation capacities incorporate reach, steady reach for addressable purchases, recurrence and certain business results. The estimation tool can likewise ingest data-driven TV purchases not executed through Ampersand, giving purchasers an all-encompassing perspective on reach and recurrence over their TV spend. 

Managed, until further notice, self-serve coming up 

Even though the AND platform is right now a managed service, Ampersand intends to release a self-serve platform after this year, also an API that can plug into purchasers’ current planning tools. It will additionally permit purchasers to transfer their first-party data and make custom sections. 

“This is truly an interworking platform in that we can control their connection with our data,” Pangis said. 

The AND platform shifts Ampersand from a salesperson firm to a platform interfacing the TV marketplace, a track the organization has pursued since Pangis became Chief Executive Officer in 2018. Ampersand rebranded from NCC Media in September, and Pangis said it is in a novel position since it doesn’t have a share in the stock it speaks to. 

“We’re doing our part to not to make the ad space advertise,” Pangis said. “We’re trying to link it to the extent possible.” 

However, it will require some time and preparing for the purchase side to accept new data and methods for purchasing a TV. 

“The major concern is changing a $70 thousand million marketplace,” Pangis said. “Presently is the point at which the work comes to collaborate with brands and offices on making this change.”

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