All You Need To Know About Facebook Network Apps Global Outage

Facebook network apps – Facebook Instagram Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger suffered from a great global outage on July 3 Wednesday.

User throughout the globe, especially the people who are living in the area- South America, Europe and North America informed their experience that they were unable to transfer the media files through their Facebook accounts.

Besides, these effects are also experienced by India while using their WhatsApp account. 

At the same time, the people using Twitter and Facebook messenger reported the same experience while transferring media files.

To our knowledge, it was not the first time; users already had this experience with Facebook network apps.

Early in the March month, people had this experience for 14 hours, which reported that users were not able to refresh their Facebook and Instagram news feed or unable to post on their timeline.

With the exponential increase in the number of users on Facebook Instagram Whatsapp and Messenger, these types of outages are often to experience than before.

Let’s know the reason behind this-

According to the report from Downdetector, over 7,500 Facebook users, 14,000 Instagram users and 1,600 Whatsapp user reported these issues on their respective social media account.

The user experienced this issue at the time of 7: 30. In response to users report, Facebook acknowledged it on Facebook Instagram Whatsapp, and Facebook Messenger and assured to fix the issues as early as possible and after fixing the problem, they informed these to the users.

What’s the primary reason for it?

As we all know that Facebook Instagram Whatsapp and Messenger covered throughout the world, which produces a massive amount of data.

Facebook has its data centres spread across various parts of the world. Which are protected by layers of encryption and are maintained and upgraded with updates & technologies often to ensure continues service without any interruption.

The main reason for these outages is pitfalls in the routine maintenance of system operation.

It was confirmed my Facebook by stating that it’s the outcome of an issue they experienced while maintaining one of their routine operations, which is reported by Reuters.

ThousandEyes is a global internet monitoring company stated in their news that-” the interruption in the service is related to an internal infrastructure or application issues”.

Reason for often experience these issues

Advancement in Internet Communication Technologies (ICTs) is occurring at a rapid speed.

It means companies are upgrading new features and functionalities, which leads to frequent updates in their data centres across the globe where these companies host their data.

Also, they are upgrading their security systems to protect data against the threats.

All these are the primary reason for these outages.

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