Alexa Keeps Its User Recordings Endlessly Confirms By Amazon

Privacy is the primary concern for most of us. With technology developments, people are in contact with a list of social media sites and other digital media gadgets.

Every day people use a list of devices and social media sites and exchange information with the people, which creates an ample of data every day.

Chris Coons, a US senator from Delaware, wrote to Jeff Bezos Amazon CEO enquiring about Alexa- how long did they keep the recordings & transcripts and how they use the recorded data.

After getting an answer from Amazon CEO, this report was revealed by CNET stating how an eCommerce leader Amazon has confirmed that conversation data coming from Amazon echo Alexa voice recordings are stored in their storage systems.

Amazon vice president of public policy, Brain Huseman in reply to coons letter clarified that Alexa stores the complete conversations and transcripts until the user deletes them.

Moreover, he explained the entire process they follow for storing or retaining of data when a customer deletes a data or voice recording; they delete the transcripts associated with that customer accounts of both of Alexa’s response and customer’s request from all the Amazon echo Alexa primary storage systems.

Besides this, they ensured the data must not be present in any other Alexa storage systems.

It confirms the users that as long as they don’t delete the voice recording, it will be safe in the Alexa storage system. It doesn’t store the voice recording of Amazon echo Alexa responses.

 However, it stores the other records of customers Alexa interactions, which include records of Alexa actions responded in reply to the customer’s request.

With these statements its clear that whatever the voice searches users do on Alex will not get deleted from the Amazon echo Alexa storage system even you delete it.

Moreover, he added the collected data from the customer is used to enhancing the customer experience. To extend the conversation, he stated that Amazon Echo Alexa users know that their personal information is safe with them.

Coons wasn’t satisfied with the response from Amazon. Because he is unclear with the response that the Alexa won’t delete the data of the users even after they delete it, then how they share that data with third parties and how those third-party data providers can use and share that information.

At least Amazon didn’t add an apology for retaining the user data by stating that it was a mistake, instead of covering that by claiming of keeping user’s data safe.

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