AI and ML has made a powerful impact on User Experience: Aakash Chakravarty,Co-Founder at Oximobi media.#MartechMonday

1.What Impact do you think will AI & Machine learning will bring to the Marketing Industry?

AI and Machine Learning have become an Integral Part of Digital Marketing. Ai and ML has made a powerful impact on User Experience. One of the reason Ai is being accepted by more and more marketers in the recent time for their brand.

However, Machine learning and Ai have seen less traction over traditional marketing such as Print Media, Radio Ads, Outdoor Banners and Road Shows. Saying that, some of the other way AI is involved in all the types Kinds and means of marketing, at times it is in the back end, which is in the case of Traditional Media.

We have observed positive changes with the advancement of AI and ML, they have channelized the effectiveness of the spent made by an advertiser. Over the period of time we wish to see more and more of AI and ML, since they create more sense to digital Media, give it a shape and allow it to go beyond a certain boundaries which advertisers and marketers once never thought.

2.How important do you think personalization is in the present marketing scenarios?

Personalization can vary from product to product and from brand to brand, however ever product and brand needs personalisation some or the other way. It enhance customer satisfaction and increases user base. Once the user is convinced they the brand cares, they become loyal to your brand, this gives LTV and loyal users.

Getting a message from a Chai brand every day by 4 PM

Discount notifications for weekends.

There could be many examples, one of them that has come over the period time is chat support. A lot of brands have opted for chat support since you end you chatting with a human on the other end which give a personal touch. Personalization is USP a brand must have.

3.What do you think, would be the future of marketing?

Marketing has evolved over the years, introduction of digital has brought in a lot of positive change. Marketing involves sales, tech, Client Service, Budgeting, Media Planning, data analysis etc.. This evolvement show the growth and scope marketing has in the coming years.

India is a country with a lot of Talent, the future of the industry is great. We produce Young entrepreneurs every year who have a unicorn Idea for their product and every day they hustle to keep it new fresh and out of the box, with this come new challenges in every field, that brings innovation, which cut out inventions.

AI and ML is a part of this process, it was a challenge earlier which was dealt in the best possible way and the industry came up with Artificial Intelligence and Machine Learning. This is the best way to move forward, I believe we are seeing better tools for marketing as we proceed and I feel this would keep happening, since the growth, scope and tech has no boundaries.

4.What are the important metrics/KPIs for your business in Marketing?

Important KPI’s for our business is CPA and ROAS, above all a key performance Indicator for us is providing value to the brands we work with.

Performance has be consistent that shows value, it comes with rigor and rigor comes with us.

5. What marketing channels are must in your marketing strategy?

Marketing channels depends on the ultimate goal an advertiser wants to achieve. Performance, branding acquisition are a few metrics we work on and there are different channels we have to opt for in order to achieve that. Basic channels remain PPC, SEM, SMM, SEO, Email, SMS. Now, these channels are vast in itself. If we take an example of SMM there are different platform, FB, Insta, Whatsapp is also Emerging. Herein a planner needs to take a call what platforms are chosen. If we closely observe each brand is different, which requires a specific audience, one the reasons we have categorised the brands under Ecomm, BFSI, OTT, Gaming etc.. Hypothetically, a gaming campaign must be well performing via SMM channel however, it might not perform on Email or SMS considering the audience is different.

We need to have all channels open and an understanding of what would be more performing for a certain brand, since there’s no thumb rule, the ultimate goal of an advertiser must be met.

6.Marketing Channel vs. Marketing content which do you focus more and why?

I would go with the right channel with Bang on content as alone they won’t be as effective as they would be together.

7.How do you keep yourself ahead of the competition?

A Healthy competition is always good and that what you look for, without challenges the journey would not be as interesting as it is.

Being an entrepreneur I follow a few things.

  • I know my competition and it’s good to compete with them.
  • I keep myself updated, having an insight of the market helps.
  • Keeping up with the new tech, tools and strategies.
  • Serving the one’s I have and growing with them.
  • Have an USP, be different than others.
  • Concrete and sustainable plan for future.

Lastly, hustling, a never ending process.

About the Author :

I’m Aakash,Co-Founder at OxiMobiMedia, an ex-zomato and ex-Google. At Oximobi we deliver performance marketing solutions for brands, we provide end to end service to achieve their marketing goals. 

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