Adopting Martech into business is like having a weapon at your disposal:Andesh Bhatti, CEO at Collectcent Digital media.#MartechMonday

1.Which are the best Martech tools that you can suggest for a business?

There is no denying the fact that Martech tools are of great help to run the business faster. But ultimately it all depends on the team to use it effectively. The data and analytics drawn from these tools will be of greater value if the team cracks the benefit out of it. When it comes to CRM, we prefer Pipedrive, Hootsuite is good for social media management, and Jira works well for project management.

2.What are the metrics/KPI’s that you consider as most important?

We handle many advertisers metrics/KPI on a day to day basis. The current market of apps, websites and games are asking more on KPIs nowadays. The metrics depend on the advertiser’s end goals, genre, business objectives, and we scale accordingly. The most important KPI I’m seeing these days is the retention rate, ROAS, Sales Conversion rates, and install to event ratio.

3.What Marketing channels plays major role in a marketing strategy?

Where are the eyes of the customers’ determines any brands marketing channels. The marketing strategies of any organization should focus on data-driven performance marketing when it comes to digital marketing. Collectcent is one of the first ad tech companies in India to extend performance-based marketing and we have been in the market long enough to know how data can change the way we target the right type of customers and conversion of leads.

4. Why Customer data is Important for personalization in marketing?

To give customers a better experience, data across all customer journey touchpoints is of vital importance. No customer wants to be bombarded with ads they are not interested in. Personalization plays an important role when you are aiming for your target customers. We have observed that brands are investing in CDPs and DMPs for more fine-tuned targeting of customers.

5. How marketing automation works in adding value to your business?

The advent of AI and machine learning has changed the way the marketing sector works, and we have seen people being robotic in their emails and bots being more human. Besides, with marketing automation, the team can spend less time on time-consuming tasks. Simplifying the human task is what marketing automation is all about, and we should use it wherever needed, like reaching out to contacts, increasing the productivity of the team and conversion tracking.

6.Which Marketing technologies works best in customer acquisition and engagement ?

Customer acquisition and engagement are Collectcent’s forte. Our main focus is to give our clients better visibility, reach and sales of their products/services with the use of data-driven performance-based marketing.

Any marketing technology that uses AI and machine learning backed with data are the best when it comes to acquiring customers, engagement and retention.

7. What type of Martech Strategies will you suggest for a business?

The biggest challenge any organization faces today is analyzing the amount of data available to them. Identifying their key metric with the help of analytics brands are measuring their success through metrics like Sales, Registration, and Conversion. With the help of attribution platforms, their metrics are measured, and strategies can be planned accordingly.

8. What are the major benefits in adopting martech into businesses?

Adopting Martech into business is like having a weapon at your disposal. In an unpredictable marketing landscape, the combination of the human mind and technology gives any business an upper hand in targeting the customers.Major benefits you reap out of Martech are in generating leads, customer outreach, and Marketing process simplified.

About Andesh Bhatti :

Andesh Bhatti is the founder and CEO of Collectcent Digital Media. Being passionate about technology and advertising, he saw a tremendous opportunity in data-driven performance advertising. Back in 2013, the advertising world was indulged in the impression model but not focused on the conversion model. Aiming to change the industry model, Andesh started Collectcent – a data-driven performance-focused advertising company.

Armed with good team and vision he has led the company to scale, win numerous awards and recognition. His fascination towards technology led him to create products around video streaming, content consumption , freelancing portal among others.

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