Adobe released Customer Journey Analytics exclusively designed for all marketers

Photoshop inspires customer Journey Analytics said the company.

Adobe announced Customer Journey Analytics as part of Adobe Analytics platform. This new analytics powered by Adobe Experience Platform and is proclaimed to be an easy-to-use and interactive analytics interface. It will enable “everyone in a company” to function with data, let alone data scientists.

“From the very beginning, the team has developed the Customer Journey Analytics interface with inspired from Photoshop,” informs Nate Smith, Adobe Analytics Product Marketing Manager. Further, he added, “both of them have deep roots in the layer concepts, and the layers are the data sets in Customer Journey Analytics.”

As stated by Smith, brands will be able to work together with metrics, visits, orders, conversions, and much more around the different channels by using the drag-and-drop model. The users can input data sets from all centres and point-of-sale systems.

Why is it necessary?

The comprehensive view of the customer journey over the online and offline campaigns and having the possible channels as well would be a prime challenge for marketers.

More options are available for the customers to engage more companies like never. The data sets in global systems with a massive amount of data to exchange would rather be profitable.

Adobe is trying to bring both the platforms together to segment data and data analysis to make it accessible to all the conventional marketers.

Thereafter, it plans to help them by suggesting recommendations gained from predictive modelling.

More from the buzz

  • Customer Journey Analytics has pre-built AI and ML models from Adobe Experience Platform, which renders predictive analytics linked to the customer journey and shows recommendations about the next steps.
  • Adobe Analytics also released Cross-Device Analytics as part of the Journey IQ. The technology gathers the private device data and graph from Adobe Experience Platform to access the behaviour from various devices. Later it merges into a “single-stream” of information.
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