10 Digital Marketing Strategies To Improve Customer Loyalty

The customer is a king; we often confront with this term from many years.

Even with the innovation in technologies and the way customer changes their preference. A customer value remains the same what new technologies come in the market.

Improve customer loyalty is the crucial point which can improve customer retention. Companies lose 71 % of customers due to unsatisfactory customer service. ( Source: brainsins.com)

Regardless of which business you are into, mastering and scaling up customer loyalty is the magical mantra of business success.

Many top brands spent a percentage of their business budget on a building, maintaining and to improve customer loyalty. Sixty-five percent of the income of organizations comes from existing customers. (Source: livemint.com)

People are more digital, following the traditional techniques will not fetch you intended outcome. Digital marketing strategies are booming now in this era.

There is no shortcut which can improve customer loyalty. To improve customer loyalty,  it needs constant efforts from your side. And digital marketing strategies can help you to improve customer loyalty.

Let’s have a glance at why we should care about to improve customer loyalty before learning digital marketing strategies to retain and improve customer loyalty.

  • Customer loyalty will improve the count of your customers, and more probably they recommend you in their network.

According to smallbiztrends:

  • The chances to sell existing customers is 60-70%, and to new customers, it’s only 5-20%. Moreover, repeat customers spend 33% more than new customers. 
  • Customer loyalty plays a significant role in improving customer retention. A 5% increase in customer retention can raise revenue between 25-95%.

Here are some tried techniques that can assist you in knowing how to maintain customer loyalty with digital marketing.

Understand your Customer to Improve Customer Loyalty

Collecting customers data is a crucial step to understand what factor binding them to stay with you. Another factor is keeping an eye on the path of customers through the website, like- 

  • What makes them visit or leave the website?
  • And what are the other factors which grabbing their attention? For example,  by finding the type of page, they visit the most?. 

It helps you to fix the pitfalls you observed. You can segment the collected data based on some specific factors like their- demographic, behavioural, interest, preference, geolocation and similar other and target customer based on your campaign goals.

The more you know your customer, more are the chances to reach the customer with the right offer at the right time and in turn help you to maintain customer loyalty.

Send them Personalized Content to Improve Customer Loyalty

  • Whatever the offer you sent, add their first name in the content. 
  • Include your customer testimonial in your websites. 
  • Add a comment of your customer as a quote to your website, photos and other things which make them feel special. 

The customer feels privileged if they get individual attention, which makes them stay with you for a long time.

Do Content Marketing to Improve Customer Loyalty

Content marketing is all about creating content which is specific to your audience. It’s one of the strategies that can help you to improve customer loyalty.

The content which drives the attention of your targeted audience, it can be in any form like- articles, blog posts, videos, infographics, pictures, downloadable reports and many more.

A perfect content can help the audience to know your professionalism in that particular field, develop your brand image, and improving authority, trustworthiness & credibility.

If your website content is informative and unique people automatically get dragged towards your site. By taking this as an opportunity, you can quickly grab the attention of the audience by providing them with exciting offers.

Make your Unique Presence.

First, come up with a compelling value proposition. It means you should be clear with your goals like-

  • Knowing about the complete benefits of your product provides
  • What makes these benefits important
  • Identifying your customer’s main problem 
  • Connect this value to your customer’s issues
  • And differentiate yourself with your competitors

Before you take all these measures, you must create the specific buyer personas that can help you to put efforts on the right audience.

Analyze your competitors and ensure your unique presence in the market. For this, you can perform the A/B testing that can help you to identify whether it works for your targeted audience or not.

Don’t copy the things which represent to other brands, people must know you with your service or product features. 

With digital marketing, you can quickly build your brand image and improve customer loyalty if you follow the right strategies according to your business. Don’t forget; people prefer buying products from brands.

Keep your Audience Updated with You.

Email marketing is a good strategy that can help you to inform your targeted audience with-

  • Offers
  • New arrivals
  • Discounts
  • Cashback
  • Events 
  • And any other which can trigger your audience.

Email marketing you can perform based on the email collected from your first-party data (data collected while-

  • Email subscription, 
  • Website form filled, 
  • Signups, 
  • Transaction 
  • And similar other who previously showed interest in your product or services or connected with you in any way). 

SMS marketing is also one of the techniques which can make you reach your audience instantly. SMS open rates are around 94% among that 90% of them will read the message within 3 minutes. (Source: Sendmode.com)

Using SMS marketing, you can wish them on their special day and offer them a discount.

For example: Offering the customer a special discount of some percentage on their birthday by addressing them with their name. It’s one of the primary factors that trigger and improve customer loyalty.

You can use SMS in a customer buyer’s journey by informing the status of the product or services. 

Take your Targeted Audience to Your Social Media Profile.

Social media is the best platform where you can showcase your brand capabilities easily to your targeted audience. It’s one of the media that can help you to improve customer loyalty.

You can post everything, which is related to your brand and your audience interested to know.

For example- you can share your milestones, success stories, new arrivals update, discounts, offers, promotions, invites for events and signups and many more.

Never miss replying to audience comment on your business page of social media platforms.

Always create enthusiasm in your targeted audience toward your brand by creating exciting offers, events and many more.

The more your customer engaged with your brand, the more chances to improve customer loyalty towards your brand.

Ask your audience for their feedback and suggestions to improve your product or services. It’s better to take feedback from customers on social media platforms because it helps the other prospective customers to know the quality of your service. Also, help you in working on your pitfalls and representation to the audience after it implemented. 

Building transparency is one of the critical factors which build customer trust and ultimately, improve customer loyalty.

Search Engine Optimization to Improve Customer Loyalty

SEO is not directly related to improving customer loyalty. However, it plays a significant role in building your online presence in the market, which directly connected to the marketing of your business.

SEO helps marketers to represent website to the audience in a proper way at the right time based on their keyword search.

For example- the page speed of the website and other parameters such as headings, titles, keywords, meta tags, CSS code and others are the primary factors. It helps the audience to reach your website and read the information you provided on the site.

For instance, if your website speed is low, probably people won’t stay at your page, they can shift to your competitors furnishing the same information.

SEO is primarily done to-

  • Improve your page speed
  • Decrease the bounce rate of your website
  • And display the page at first pages of the searches in the search engine results.

The top you rank in search engine results, the more authority you hold in the eyes of your audience.

Your website performance is also one of the factors that people consider to judge your brand image.

Programmatic Advertising to Improve Customer Loyalty

Programmatic advertising to improve customer loyalty is the trending way which is preferred by the advanced marketers. Who doesn’t want to miss any chance to target their audience.

Programmatic advertising is the automatic process which helps marketers to reach their targeted audience at the right time. 

Programmatic advertising has the option to select the granular level precision information of the targeted audience and even ad inventory where their ad gets displayed. Which helps you to arrive at most transparency to see your budget spends.

Your little efforts to improve customer loyalty make your customer feels good. For example- when you reach them when they are looking for this type of service or product. Again it’s one of the crucial factors that help you to improve customer loyalty.

Include Chatbot in your Website to Improve Customer Loyalty

Many audiences visit your website; they may be confronted with some doubts regarding the service or product you offer.

Generally, they don’t spend time to search for the contact us page and call you or mail you for this; usually, they left with no action.

Here chatbot can help your customer to clarify all their doubts with the instant reply to their questions.

For example: If someone is searching for the product and they didn’t find on the website. In this case, customer can get the information about the product using chatbot like- when it will be available again? Or any other queries.

More probably, there are chances of converting your website audience to your lead. 

Also, it builds trust in customer if you’re replying to them and providing a way to reach them one to one to clarify their doubts even after they have taken a service or product from you. 

According to Snyxius– thirty-two per cent of executives say retaining existing customers is a priority.

Taking care of your customer or prospective customer and being responsible for taking care of them is the key to increase your customer count and improve customer loyalty of your existing customers.

Select the Appropriate Digital Marketing Channels for your Business

Don’t stick with a particular marketing channel to target your audience. People prefer different ways to spend their time on the mobile or online.

Finding where your targeted audience most prefers to spend their time is very important to choose which channels suits to your business.

Consider a list of channels which are more preferred by your audience and do A/B testing and select the one which worth spending your time on it.

Otherwise using all channels will not benefit. It doesn’t mean the channels which does not work for you are not good, it might work well for others and which works for you might not work for others.

Selecting the right marketing channel is very important to reach your audience at the right time, thus to improve customer loyalty.

Also consider changing your preference according to trending channels, like previously it was Facebook now the people are spending time on Instagram and Snapchat. Again it all depends on the type of business you’re into to improve customer loyalty. 

EndNote to Improve Customer Loyalty

More or less customer loyalty is the driving force for every business behind their success. How to improve customer loyalty? is the primary questions that bother most of the marketers.

To improve customer loyalty is not a daunting task to achieve if you can identify the right digital marketing strategies or channels that can work specific to your business.

Stop treating your customer as sales figures and pushing your product or service. Instead, understand them & their need and accordingly provide them with the service which benefits them.

Represent brand as problem-solver and made the ways to your audience to open up with their issues and get a solution from your product or services.

The above discussed digital marketing strategies to improve customer loyalty can help you in achieving good customer service to your audience.

You can start to improve the customer loyalty program by taking feedback from your customers and provide a great experience to your customers or prospectives.

Hope you got a clear idea about how to improve and maintain customer loyalty using digital marketing.

Share the various efforts you put to improve customer loyalty. We are here to share and learn the same!

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